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5 Myths: Natural Makeup

1. False lashes don’t look natural:

False! They make your look. I’m not just saying that. Ask your photographer. False lashes don’t have to be obnoxious and look fake. You can request individuals, clusters, or demi wispies. These are the most natural lash choices and my favorites. They basically just enhance your lashes. Demi wispies are my favorite to customize. If I’m doing your makeup, I will ask you to close your eyes, I will put them on you, see what I need to cut off, cut into a few sections, cut in to them, or I may just trim the ends and not do anything else. I love customizing them to my brides eye type and the look they are going for.

2. You can’t have red lips:

False! It all depends on your lip color, what lip colors you are used to, what your fiancé is used to, and the tone of the red lipstick. You don’t want to look washed out. Your makeup artist will find the right color that compliments your undertones, hair color, and skin tone best!

3. Contour doesn’t look natural: False! The whole point of a contour is to enhance your features. Your makeup artist will keep it natural. It will also help give some dimension in your photos.

4. Glitter/shimmer looks tacky:

False! Shimmer and highlighter is a must for your face makeup. Your makeup artist will only apply it where the sun would naturally hit your face. I apply it in some brides inner corners and or lids unless its a huge no for them. I will also do a subtle shimmer if a bride wants the dewy sun kissed look.

5. Traditional makeup isn’t natural:

False! Traditional vs airbrush is all about the application and technique. Traditional makeup is applied with a cream foundation and applied with a brush. Airbrush foundation is applied with liquid foundation and is applied with a gun. The airbrush gun and formula does give a lighter flawless finish but a brush and cream can mimic airbrush. It’s all about technique and products. Skin prep also plays a huge role. We will get in to all of this in a later post!


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